Monday, 29 December 2014

Procurement’s New Year Wish List

Authored by Mickey North Rizza

With the Christmas festivities out of the way and the new year looming, have you started your work-wish list yet?

I’ve spoken with countless procurement executives these past few months about the most-pressing challenges they expect to face next year and the goals that they hope to achieve in 2015. Through these conversations I’ve gained a pretty good sense of what’s likely on your procurement wish list…

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Alignment Has Not Been A Cheap Investment

Authored by Mickey North Rizza

Organizational alignment isn’t as easy as it sounds. Businesses are made up of functions, in theory, all working to meet the business objectives of increased shareholder value. “In theory” is at the heart of alignment. While the Board and C-Level executives are focused on increasing shareholder value, the organization may not respond in a synchronized fashion to meet the objective. Herein lies the problem: alignment to the overall business goals.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Managing Supplier Risk

We are pleased to announce that the fourth and final Tejari Online Briefing on 'Managing Supplier Risk' is now live!

The final online briefing in the series hosted by Tejari Account Manager Abdel Halim Ahmed covers:

  • A recap on the first three briefings
  • Defining what risk is
  • How you can identify, manage and mitigate your risks
  • Some takeaways from the briefing

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Carrot & The Stick: Part 1

Authored by Thomas Paiva-Pennick

It’s a small word that can mean a lot. In a personal context it can be the difference between a close friend and an acquaintance. But in a business context it can be the difference between profits and growth or losses and bankruptcy.

In procurement, it is now widely accepted that we must build strategic relationships with our suppliers; not simply drive down the price and to hell with the consequences. The advantages of a strategic relationship can be harder to quantify, but are just as important. How many times have any of us needed a quick turnaround due to unforeseen demand and found ourselves being bailed out by a supplier with whom we have a good working relationship?

Monday, 1 December 2014

10 Bits of Kit You Wish You Had at Work

Authored by Steven Low

With Facebook now releasing details of their new product ‘Facebook at Work’, and clearly no expense spared in coming up with a snappy title (although this idea was something I talked about years ago!), I got to thinking about other technologies that I wished we had at work – with necessary tweaks obviously!

So here’s my top ten of products/software/equipment that I wish were in my work environment and would make me an even more awesome employee than I already am.