Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Procurement Transformation & Contract Management

When it comes to contract management, successful contract management can rescue even a poorly let contract. Equally, poor contract management can make a mess of the most brilliant category strategy and supplier selection and negotiation process pre-award. Yet many procurement functions have little or no responsibility for contract management in their organizations. Indeed, some don’t want to have any significant involvement, seeing it as potentially a lot of problems for little reward!

Last week's Abu Dhabi Real World Sourcing briefing looked at the fundamental justification for doing contract management at all – to manage the risk inherent in contracts, and the (potential) additional value that can be extracted, it covered the key sub-elements that need to be executed – contract administration, managing supplier performance against the contract, managing risk, and handling the inevitable changes and developments we see in all major contracts and finally, touched on the “raw materials” for successful contract management – people (and skills) and technology.

With procurement transformation, many new appointments into senior roles are made on the basis of a need to transform Procurement. In the Dubai briefing, industry expert Peter Smith discussed how one would launch a transformation initiative, a high level analysis of what procurement transformation is and best practices on taking the organization along with you, and finally declaring victory – what are the next steps to take after launching a transformation initiative.

The presentation slides from both briefings are available via the link below, we hope you find them useful.

Join us for the series finale in November with Procurement Skills & Careers, The Next 10 Years in Dubai which will cover:
  • Future outlook and implications for procurement people and skills
  • The successful procurement executive of 2024
  • Defining the required skills base –technical, behavioural, category specific
  • Gaining the right skills and experience to succeed
Dubai - Register here

And Maximizing Success from eAuctions in Abu Dhabi which will look at:
  • Identifying when to use eAuctions
  • Overcoming internal resistance
  • How to make eAuctions successful
  • The view from the sales side
Abu Dhabi - Register here

All briefings are free of charge, more information about the series can be found on our website www.tejari.com/realworldsourcing

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