Monday, 7 July 2014

Procurement – Are you Advocates of Marketing?

Authored by Nisha Bilochi

 “As with any relationship, the key to closing gaps and gaining alignment is open communication” - Sal Vitale, Category Leader, Media Procurement (JOHNSON & JOHNSON)

I recently came across an interesting article on ‘The 10 habits of highly effective marketing procurement managers’ and was naturally intrigued as a marketer myself. At first glance, procurement and marketing seem like polar opposites, marketing the more innovative, creative and cutting-edge out of the two and procurement more calculated, cost driven and ‘traditional’ in its approach. The article outlines best practices for the procuring of marketing services, touching on risk in the supply chain and knowing what you are buying, but the bit that stood out most for me was ‘getting the relationship right’.

The article highlights that recognizing the value of a strong relationship between procurement and marketing is essential to the success of the partnership, and if you don’t get this right when buying marketing, a mediocre output is barely achievable. With the onus on building and maintaining a relationships so important when procuring marketing services to ensure maximum return on investment, how important is the relationship between procurement departments with their own marketing departments.

Procurement can demonstrate to not only marketing but other departments within the organization that collaboration with procurement on strategic decision making on any kind of spending will provide more value for each dollar spent. It is proven time and time again that procurement can have a large impact to the organization’s bottom line, more often than not only second to sales, so why not apply the same practices one would use when procuring marketing services to better improve your own marketing department… Ask yourselves, is your department advocates of marketing?

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  1. Nisha mentioned of how procurement helps investment good relationship and marketing. Nice link up .