Monday, 9 June 2014

The Office and the Home - Do We Really Separate the Two?

Authored by Muntasir Al Amin

Many of us try to separate our personal and professional lives from one another, but how many of us actually succeed in doing so? You’ll be surprised how often the two interlink without us even noticing. Let’s take a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) named Nadia 
for example and play out a simple scenario that one may face outside of the work place and observe how different aspects of both lives come into play.

Nadia often goes shopping with her family and friends and on one particular occasion is invited to go shopping with a friend of hers named George. George mentions to Nadia that he was interested in buying a new TV valued at 5000 Dirham ahead of the world cup to enhance his viewing experience, raising the level of competition between him and his main competition Ahmed his next door neighbour. After discussing the matter with George, Nadia negotiates with him and persuades no to go with the 3D Smart TV, with 4 HDMI ports and on screen internet browsing, but instead a 40 inch TV that would still meet his viewing requirements. Thanks to the cost analysis from Nadia (the CPO), she made sure the specifications were not overstated (inclusion of functionalities George would never use), the product fit the purpose and by purchasing the 40 inch TV at 2000 Dirhams identified a potential saving of 3000 Dirhams.

Those of you who are familiar with the procurement industry may have noticed some similarities in the way Nadia approached the purchasing the TV to the way she would manage a buying opportunity for the organization. As a CPO she is a strategic thinker handling much more than just the departments’ expenditures. The CPO is a part of the planning process for procurement activities and aligns these activities to the overall strategy of the organization, advising senior stakeholders (like the role of the George) of strategic decisions to better increase the return on investment.

How many of you can relate to similar scenarios at home that reflect the roles you lead in the office? It goes to show just how much of our work we actually do take home with us!

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