Sunday, 29 December 2013

Change It Up!

Authored by Mickey North Rizza
I was reviewing some information on a company, including trends affecting their industry and company, and also my notes from discussions with their executives and I found it interesting to note, when their executives understood change was required they translated that message to their employees, and when doing so, followed their message with significant organizational changes (such as selling off assets, restructuring, investments and employee reductions, to name a few). The executive team “changed the game” to impact the company’s performance immediately and for the long term.

Procurement leaders take notice: you too have the same opportunity to make a difference, but it means stepping back, understanding the bigger picture and changing the way you currently conduct your business.    

 A few simple steps will help you get on the right path
1. Figure out where you are now 
2. Understand your company’s strategy and business plan, now and in the future.
3. Plan your alignment to these plans so your company can reap the rewards of your team’s work.
4. Look at all available resources (internally, advisory, universities, etc.) and utilize those that will help you fill in the gaps.
5. Execute to plan.
The steps sound simple, but change is filled with complexity and setbacks.  Resource augmentation is a likely candidate to remove the complexity, shorten the journey and reap value contribution faster.

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