Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Real World Sourcing Series - Contract Management & Effective Supplier Relationship Management

Authored by Soraya Sackey

The Real World Sourcing series returned last week after the summer break and it returned with a bang! The briefing was hosted by industry expert Peter Smith and covered two topics widely discussed in the industry at present, Contract Management - Generating Real Value from your Contracts and Effective Supplier Relationship Management.

As noted by Peter in the initial planning stages of the session, a recent study of 200 procurement professionals (over the commercial and government sectors) selected contract and supplier management as one of their top three biggest opportunity areas across the procurement organization, massively outnumbering the other factors listed below .

Results (%):                                          Commercial       Government

Contract & supplier management                48.2                    59.8

Greater leverage within organization            36.1                   (23.2)

More / more skilled staff                            30.1                     30.5

Better sourcing / CatMan processes           28.9                    (20.7)

Collaboration with other organizations        (18.1)                    45.1

Improve user compliance                          (24.1)                    29.3

Capturing innovation from supply base       (26.5)                    29.3

Last Wednesday's briefing was attended by over 50 procurement professionals in the region explored areas such as;

* The fundamentals - managing value and risk, 
* Contract administration, performance, risk and change management, 
* Technology, people and skills issues around contract management 
* And why we actually need contract management.

The second half of the briefing looked at effective Supplier Relationship Management, answering questions like;

* What is Supplier Relationship Management and why do we manage suppliers, 
* What processes and roles are involved, 
* What is the senior stakeholder engagement 
* And how to make a hero of your Account Director.

For those of you that missed the briefing, you can view the presentation slides here.

The next briefing on the 20th November will be on the much anticipated You Get What You Pay For & The First 100 Days as a New Chief Procurement Officer. If you'd like to attend this event, please register here

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