Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The True Picture: Visibility through Contract Management

Authored by Soraya Sackey

According to the Aberdeen Group, ineffective control of contract management cost businesses $100 billion per year in missed savings opportunities. Disputes over who controls the contracting process, the reluctance of legal teams to move to new technology, and the different data requirements of stakeholders have made it difficult for procurement teams to effectively manage contract compliance and vendor negotiations. 

The third and final Tejari Industry Briefing on The True Picture: Visibility through Contract Management hosted by Tejari Senior Consultant Fayaz Haq aims to cover some of the key area and best practices used when managing contracts. 

The briefing covers the following areas:

* An introduction to Contract Management; Preparing and planning to use Contract Management

* The Contract Management Life cycle

* And the benefits and values achievable from adoption of Contract Management

You can view this briefing here or you can navigate to the left hand side of the screen.

This final briefing will be live on StrategicSourcing.ae for the remainder of the month so get viewing now!


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