Monday, 17 June 2013

Top Discipline for Procurement to Achieve Value Contribution Excellence

We have noted the top 16 disciplines in alphabetical order that must be embedded in the business for Procurement to achieve value contribution excellence. We want your vote as to what you consider the top 4 disciplines and finally your top discipline for Procurement to achieve value contribution excellence.

The top 4 choices will be on the blog in a weeks time. We will then ask for a vote on the Number 1 discipline for Procurement to achieve value contribution excellence.

Discipline choices:

  1. Communication and change management to continuously improve and bring greater value contribution.
  2. Contributing savings that directly impacts earnings per share
  3. Contribution that improves Return on Asset (ROA) and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
  4. Employee talent and skills performance and bonuses tied to value contribution
  5. Enabling technology and lean collaborative business processes
  6. Leadership that encourages outside-in thinking, risk taking and sharing, collaboration and stakeholder engagement
  7. Managing spend such that at least 95% of spend is under management
  8. Operational savings through Innovation
  9. Procurement and/or Sourcing Center of Excellence
  10. Productivity improvements – greater spend under management, reduction in source to settle cycle times, lean processes, increase throughput and velocity
  11. Savings through Negotiation
  12. Savings and value contribution that improves Gross Margin
  13. Savings and value contribution that improves Operating Margin
  14. Strategic Procurement business plan and accountability to the business outcomes
  15. Supplier risk management process that can easily be modified for additional attributes such as financial, weather, geopolitical, strikes, catastrophic events, transportation lanes, etc.
  16. Supplier relationship management
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1 comment:

  1. What happened to Knowledge and Experience of diverse suppliers. i.e. knowledge of the cleaning industry, knowledge of the security industry, knowledge of product purchase. I would have though that this would have been No1.