Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Technology Cube: Business Apps are filling the Value Chain Visibility Gap

Authored by Mickey North Rizza

Among the hot new technology trends are mobile device applications (apps) that assist the business community. With global on-demand business now a way of life, more and more businesses are moving towards the use of apps that simplify business tasks, while creating jobs for individuals.

EasyShift, created by Quri Inc., is a crowd source labor system that pays individuals to utilize their smart phones. The app pays you cash to do simple assignments like snap a photo, record a price, or give your opinion. In one instance it is used to document retail inventory, shelf placement and marketing data required by major brand owners globally. The Wall Street Journal noted these tasks are performed at stores for $3 – $4 a task and can increase to even $40 when tasks are more complex. Wow! A great idea and especially for college kids, second jobs or even stay at home moms who can make some extra money while they are running their own errands. And it provides real data for brand owners at the point of consumption.

Allstate Corporation has an Esurance product that allows policyholders to send in their own claims using a mobile application. In this case, the application has reduced claims adjusters field work. Take this concept one step further and an app could be used to process package returns, or even visualize and document service and repair issues from a supplier’s product issues or carrier mishaps, to servicing your car to home maintenance.

Cutting to the Chase: Mobile Business Applications are finding their way by enabling visibility into the next step in the supply chain business process; connecting the businesses in the value chain.

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  1. Interesting view on app usage. sure this opens up to a lot of utilities for apps. time to take them seriously